How to Brew A Great Coffee

Most of Americans drink at least a cup of coffee every day, many still don’t know what a truely perfect cup of coffee should taste like. Here are some fundamentals to brew a geate cup of coffee.

The Right Coffee Maker

To do a good job, one must first sharpen his tools. A greate cofffe maker can help you to brew a greate cup of coffee consistently. While there are many different types of coffee makers using a number of different brewing methods, you need to consider both the coffee maker types and your personal preference when picking a Coffee Machine. If you’re still confusing about how to do it, please check the guide on another post.

Coffee Beans

Great coffee starts with great coffee beans. The flavor and quality of your coffee is mostly determined by the type of coffee beans you selected, and the process how you brew it. It’s not right or wrong when picking your coffee beans, you just need to keep trying and looking for the right coffee flavor which is best suitable for youself.

A Good Grind

The Coffee Grind size is a huge factor to the quality and taste of your coffee, it directly affects how much time the coffee ground is in touch with water. If the grind is too fine, your coffee can be over-extracted, and tastes bitter. If the grind is too coarse, your coffee can be under-extracted, and tastes weak and flat. For a beginner, it may be hard to know what grind to use, it’s actually determined by your brewing method. Espresso machines require fine grind, Drip machines require medium grind, Fress Press pots require Coarse Grind, and single-cup coffee makers require  a medium to medium-fine grind.


Roasted coffee is perishable. The fressher it is, the better your coffee will taste. Please don’t put your coffee beans in an container(room tempreature) over an week, and don’t put it in the fridge or freezer too. Keep it away from moisture, oxygen, heat, and light as much as possible. The best way to keep freshness is grinding your coffee beans just before brewing.


Water makes up about 97% of a single cup of coffee. Filtered or bottled water is a better choice, and it doesn’t cost much. In order to extract ground coffee’s flavor fully, the water temperature should be maintained at 195˚ to 205˚F.

Coffee-to-Water Ratio (PROPORTION)

A general guideline( called “Golden Ratio”) is 10g(one to two tablespoons of ground coffee) of freshly ground coffee for every 180 ml( 6 fl oz) of water. It can be ajusted a little to suit your own taste preference. If the taste is too strong, add some hot water. In opposite, less coffee will make a bitter cup.

Enjoy the learning process

It’s not that difficult to make your own a perfect cup of coffee. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get things wrong. Keep trying some other coffee beans and coffee machines, and making adjustments like temperature, brewing time, grind size to the recipe. Enjoy the learning process no matter what your coffee tastes.